Health, Safety & Environment Subcommittee (HSES)

Chair: Serina Cinnamon



The Health, Safety, and Environment Subcommittee will discuss and investigate issues related to the health concerns of students, staff and faculty due to environmental conditions on campus in addition to issues related to environmental sustainability. Members of the Faculty, Staff or Student body may attend and make known concerns they have related to health, safety and environment issues. The committee may meet more often when needed to investigate specific issues that may arise.

Committee Members

  • Serina Cinnamon, Chair (LETT, 2023-2025)
  • Laura Staal, Secretary (EDUC, 2023-2025)
  • Amy Purser (CHS, 2022-2024) 
  • Andrew Latham (NSM, 2022-2024)
  • Samuel Spier, (ARTS, 2023-2025)
  • Miranda Reiter, (SBS, 2023-2025)
  • Robert Arndt (Library, 2023-2025)
  • Michael Bullard, Safety Officer for Environmental Health and Safety
  • George Earl Johnson, Interim Chief of Police
  • Kristie Hunt, Staff Senate Representative


The Committee meets on the first Monday of each month during the regular academic year. 


Click here for Academic Year 2023-2024 Agendas and Minutes.