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Health Careers Access Program

North Carolina Health Careers Access Program's (NC-HCAP) mission is to increase the number of individuals from educationally or economically disadvantaged backgrounds, with an emphasis on underrepresented minorities (Native Americans, African Americans, Hispanics and Latinos) who are trained, educated and employed in the health profession.

Since 1971, we have been developing a diverse healthcare workforce - one student at a time.

NC-HCAP achieves this mission by:

  • Increasing awareness of career opportunities in the health profession,
  • Cultivating interests in pursuit of health professions,
  • Enhancing opportunities to gain access to formal training and education programs in the health professions, and
  • Increasing the probability of success in completing formal training and education programs in the health professions.


  • UNCP/ECU Brody School of Medicine
  • Early Assurance Scholars Program (see application below):

    The Early Assurance Program is a partnership between ECU Brody School of Medicine (BSOM) and UNC Pembroke. Two of the 80 seats in the entering BSOM class are reserved four years in advance for outstanding students interested in attending UNCP for their undergraduate work.

    In recognition of the honor of being selected as an Early Assurance student at BSOM, UNCP will provide a four year merit scholarship for the two students selected. This scholarship will assist the student in covering expenses to include tuition, books, room and board. Note: Room and board consists of on-campus double occupancy housing ONLY.

    UNC Pembroke accepted students who are North Carolina residents and reside in the designated counties (Robeson, Hoke, Scotland, Bladen, Columbus and Sampson) may apply for the BSOM/UNCP Early Assurance Program.

  • UNCP/NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Scholars Program
  • The University of North Carolina System Veterinary Education Access (UNC SVEA Program) (see application below):
    UNCP and NCSU have developed an agreement establishing the first-ever UNC System Veterinary Education Access Scholars (UNC-SVEA) Program, set to begin in the fall of 2017.  The program allows for two students, plus one alternate, from each first-year class entering the NC State School of Veterinary Medicine to be selected from the UNCP Department of Biology.  All UNC-SVEA Scholar students will be required to complete all academic requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology at UNCP, as well as meet all academic requirements for admission to NCSU’s College of Veterinary Medicine. 
  • UNCP/Tuskegee University
  • College of Veterinary Medicine Pre-Veterinary Medicine Scholars Program:
    UNCP and Tuskegee University have established a Pre-Veterinary Medicine Scholars Program to be implemented fall 2017. This program will serve as a pipeline to prepare and inspire talented UNCP undergraduate students who wish to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Under this MOU, each year two qualified UNCP students from the Department of Biology will be guaranteed acceptance in the Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine. For more information, contact HCAP at 910.521.6673 or hcap@uncp.edu.

Message from Sara Baxley, president of the HCAP Club!