Student Affairs & Campus Life Committee (SACL)

Chair: Peter Grimes​​​​​​

Secretary: Abigail Reiter


The Student Affairs and Campus Life Committee shall consider matters related to student affairs, student life, and intercollegiate athletics and make recommendations in such matters as they affect educational policies, curricula, and student development and wellbeing.

Committee Members

  • Peter Grimes, Senator and Chair (LETT, 2024)
  • Karen Granger, Senator (EDUC, 2025)
  • Clejetter Cousins, (LETT, 2025)
  • Amber Rock, Faculty Member (NSM, 2024)
  • Abigail Reiter, Faculty Member (SBS, 2024)
  • Rachel Morrison, Senator (At Large, 2024)
  • Melinda Rosenberg, Faculty Member and Chair of the Student Publications Board
  • Jessica Siegele, Faculty Athletics Representative
  • Jeffery Howard, Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs 
  • Aspen Andersson, SGA President (2023-2024)
  • Oluyemi Stephens, Graduate Student Representative
  • Diana Stapleton, Graduate School Representative
  • Tiffany Smaw, Student selected by the Director of the Office of Campus Engagement & Leadership


The Committee meets on the third Monday of the month during the regular academic year.


Click here for Academic Year 2023-2024 Agendas and Minutes.