Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Department is committed to providing quality service to UNC Pembroke, the community and all vendors.  We provide clear guidelines regarding payment of invoices and prompt responses to requests for information.  Our primary goal is to consistently pay invoices in a timely fashion so that we may honor vendor terms and take advantage of cash discounts.

Ginger King

Accounts Payable Manager


Kellie Cain

Accounting Technician


Amber Harris

Accounting Technician


Victoria Talley

Accounting Technician


Kaitlyn McMillian

Accounting Technician


For all Travel Related Inquiries

For all general Accounts Payable inquiries:

Advanced Fund Manager approval is required for Banner Adjustments, Check Requests, Fund Transfer Requests, Paying Invoices, and Travel Reimbursements.

***Allow 10 business days for review/processing from the date all approvals and required documentation are received by Accounts Payable.


***Please be reminded that Travel Reimbursement Requests must be submitted within 30 days after travel period ends.

Honorarium - Honoraria is a payment to a professional in situations where payment is not required or expected.  Generally speaking, a payment is probably expected or required by the lecturer and this situation would require a Personal Service Contract.

  1. Non-employee Policy
  2. Policy (pg 168, section 6.8)

The Accounts Payable department prints checks on Monday and Thursday mornings.  The checks are released the following afternoon at 3:00 PM.  This procedure is followed throughout the year except in cases when the Controller's department is closing out the month. 

Please call or email for more information.

Office Fax 910-521-6548