Brave Experience: Learning, Belonging, Community, Wellbeing.

Brave Experience

Adapted by UNC Pembroke in 2019 to cultivate a holistic approach to student engagement. This model was built by faculty, staff and students to capture curricular and co-curricular engagement.  There are four quadrants that make up your Brave Experience; learning, belonging, wellbeing and community.  These quadrants are in a circle and have specified colors based on the medicine wheel used by native cultures.  Each quadrant is layered with 3 patches, much like the pine cone patch work used by the Lumbee tribe.  


Students who are engaged in the campus community better enjoy their college experience, earn better grades, and graduate at higher rates compared to students who are not engaged. Being engaged is different for everyone. Regardless of what it means to you, you owe it to your future to get engaged on campus. Effectively engaged students understand their personal responsibility and willingly connect interpersonally, behaviorally, and mentally with concepts, processes, events, and people at UNC Pembroke.

A Community of Support

The entire UNC Pembroke community is here to help you engage in the experiences you need to enjoy college, develop your skills, and define your path to success.

Need a place to start? Connect with the affiliated offices to explore involvement opportunities:

  • Career Center, University Center, Suite 210
  • Campus Engagement and Leadership, University Center, Suite 243
  • Campus Recreation, Jones Center, Suite 1192
  • Community and Civic Engagement, Jacobs Hall, Suite K
  • Diversity and Inclusion, Old Main, Suite 124

Expand Your Experience

Want to take your Brave Experience to the next level?

  • Access your co-curricular transcript on Brave Connect 
  • Track Service Hours and Download your Volunteer Resume on UNCP Serve

Belonging Brave Experience Patch


Cultivate a sense of inclusion through one’s active participation and commitment to their discipline, career, and campus.

SOCIAL: Understanding and examining oneself within the context of forming and cultivating positive and significant interpersonal relationships.

ACADEMIC: Participation in interdisciplinary academic discourse, exploring, identifying, and engaging in academic pursuits that connect to relevant opportunities.

CAREER: Exploring interests, passions, and ideas to generate a body of experiences that allow one to articulate career aspirations and job readiness.

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Community Brave Experience Patch


Mutually beneficial exchange of knowledge and resources to create and strengthen supportive environments on- and off-campus.

SERVICE: Engaging in practices that create change, identify and challenge social injustices and impact the lives of others in local, national and global communities.

CITIZENSHIP: Actively engaging in the community, embracing civic responsibility and working towards social change.

CULTURE: Active participation in the collaborative exchange of ideas, exploration of the arts, history, social institutions and achievement of those different from oneself.

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Learning Brave Experience Patch


Engaging in transformative educational experiences in and beyond the discipline that encourages a self-motivated pursuit of knowledge.

SELF-EXPLORATION: Being aware of the beliefs, skills, values, attitudes, identities and emotions that motivate one to take action to advance personal and academic growth.

EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING: The ability to build upon multi-dimensional points of knowledge acquired over time and applied to new experiences in and outside the classroom.

REFLECTION: Examine and make meaning of past educational and life experiences, challenge perspectives, expand knowledge and articulate one’s personal practice of leadership through a critique of significant experiences.

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Wellbeing Brave Experience Patch


Practicing healthy habits that promote a sustainable balance of one's mental, physical and emotional wellness.

RESILIENCE: The ability to overcome adversity through persistence and effective use of positive coping skills.

HEALTH: Dedication to a sustainable lifestyle that promotes a well-balanced body, mind and spirit through positive decision making.

CONGRUENCE: Actively aligning one's personal and community values with their thoughts, beliefs and actions.

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