Committee on Committees & Elections (CCE)

Chair: Carla Rokes



The Committee on Committees and Elections conducts elections to fill positions that will expire in August, except for UNCP Faculty Delegates and Alternates, whose terms expire on July 1. The Committee also conducts elections for unexpired terms of office as the need arises to fill any such vacancy. Ballots are distributed by campus mail to elect Divisional Senators of the Faculty Senate and members of the various Senate Committees. Also, the Committee nominates all members of Faculty Senate Subcommittees, the Faculty Governance Committee, and non-Senate faculty members on various other committees. In addition, the Committee nominates the Chair-Elect and Secretary-Elect from the Faculty Senate. The Committee conducts elections in accordance with procedures as written in the Faculty Handbook.

Committee Members

  • Carla Rokes, Senator and Chair 
  • Jennifer Wells, Senator 
  • Jamie Litty, Senator 


Special meetings may be called as the need arises.

Agendas & Minutes

This committee does not keep formal agendas and minutes. Their recommendations must be confirmed by the Faculty Senate (see Faculty Senate Agenda and Minutes)