Institutional Review Board

Dr. Erik Tracy, IRB Chair
Phone: 910.775.4512

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) is required by federal law to review and approve ALL research proposals that involve human subjects; that is, any research involving people including adults, children and infants. Special protections are accorded to minors, prisoners, pregnant women, and disadvantaged populations. All research conducted at UNC Pembroke or by UNC Pembroke faculty, staff and/or students at any location (including some research conducted as part of classroom exercises or course requirements) must undergo an IRB review and have a protocol application on file with the IRB Chair. Please allow at least 10 - 15 business days for expedited reviews, and two to four weeks for protocols requiring full review. There are three levels of review: Exempt from Review, Expedited Review, Full Review. The Chair determines the level of review required. Please note that an "expedited" review refers to the level of risk involved in the research not whether the researcher is under time constraints to complete the research.

Some typical examples of human subjects research the IRB reviews

    • Survey research for a thesis or dissertation.
    • Educational tests (cognitive, diagnostic, aptitude, or achievement)
    • Research on individual or group characteristics or behavior (including research on perception, cognition, motivation, identity, language, communication, cultural beliefs, and behavior)
    • Research employing survey, interview, focus group, program evaluation, human factors evaluation or quality assurance methodologies
    • Collection of data made from voice, video, digital or image recordings made for research purposes
    • Collection of pathological or diagnostic specimens
    • Research and demonstration projects designed to study or evaluate public benefit programs
    • Test and food quality evaluation studies

If you plan to undertake research in any of these areas you must submit the IRB Protocol Application, found under the Forms and Guidelines link, and any supporting materials. Please email these forms to and Send one signed hard copy to the IRB chair. The IRB strongly reccommends that applicants read the information under Policies and Procedures prior to the submission of the IRB Protocol Application.This website provides information about IRB policies, procedures, appeals and training opportunities.If you are not sure about whether your project requires an IRB, please contact the IRB chair.