Fraternities & Sororities

Thank you for your interest in the fraternity and sorority community at UNC Pembroke. With over 15 organizations (and counting), our community, like our university, is vibrantly diverse, academically proud and are actively preparing members for successful careers after college. The community is inspired by the history of fraternal organizations across North America, but we are driven by the modern needs of today's students. Our community seeks to promote, develop and enhance our four community values: Belonging, Academics, Community, and Leadership. Joining a fraternity or sorority  is the ultimate opportunity to learn by doing. We actively serve our local community, we are connected to a worldwide network of brothers and sisters, we care for each other and our fellow students, and we are committed to a life of values-based living. 

Sororities and fraternities have long been a major part of campus life and consistently work together to promote the highest ideals and academic standards. Each organization is unique in its own way, but all offer the opportunity to experience leadership, social activities, community and philanthropic projects, and, most of all, meaningful relationships.

We hope you will consider becoming part of a fraternity or sorority in our community! 

Take a look at our Community Guidebook!

Alpha Kappa Alpha
Alpha Phi Alpha
Alpha Sigma Phi
Alpha Pi Omega
Kappa Alpha Psi
Kappa Delta
Phi Beta Sigma
Zeta Phi Beta
Phi Sigma Nu
Zeta Tau Alpha