Undergraduate Programs

Academically or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Education Add-On Licensure

Accounting, B.S.

African American Studies Minor

African American Studies Minor

American Indian Studies Academic Concentration

American Indian Studies Minor

American Indian Studies, B.A.

Applied Management Information Systems, Operations Management, B.I.S.

Applied Physics, B.S.

Applied Professional Studies, Advertising, B.I.S.

Applied Professional Studies, Allied Health Leadership, B.I.S.

Applied Professional Studies, Economic Development, B.I.S.

Applied Professional Studies, Financial Administration, B.I.S.

Applied Professional Studies, General, B.I.S.

Applied Professional Studies, Office Administration, B.I.S.


Art Academic Concentration

Art History Minor

Art, Art Education Licensure (K-12) Track, B.A.


Art, Studio Track, B.A.

Asian Studies Minor

Athletic Training, B.S.

Biology Student

Biology Academic Concentration

Biology Student

Biology Minor

Biology, Botany Track, B.S.

Biology, Environmental Biology Track, B.S.

Biology Student

Biology, Molecular Biology Track, B.S.

Biology Student

Biology, No Track, B.S.

Biology, Zoology Track, B.S.

Ag garden

Biology: Agricultural Science Emphasis, B.S.

Biology: Biomedical Emphasis, B.S.

Biology: Pre-Physical Therapy/Pre-Occupational Therapy, B.S.

In the Biotech lab with Devang Upadhyay

Biotechnology, B.S.

Birth-Kindergarten Education (B-K), B.S.

Broadcasting Minor

Business Administration Minor

Business Administration, Economics Track, B.S.

Business Administration, Entrepreneurship Track, B.S.

Business Administration, Finance Track, B.S.

Business Administration, International Business Track, B.S.

Business Administration, Management Track, B.S.

Business Administration, Marketing Track, B.S.

Certificate in Applied Ethics

Chemistry, Forensic, B.S.

Chemistry, General, B.S.

Chemistry, Molecular Biotechnology, B.S.

Chemistry, Pre-Health Professions, B.S.

Chemistry, Pre-Pharmacy, B.S.

Chemistry, Professional, B.S.

Computer Science with Emphasis in Programming Minor

Computer Science with Emphasis in World Wide Web Minor

Computer Science, Cyber Security Track, B.S.

Computer Science, General Track, B.S.

Creative Writing Minor

Criminal Justice Minor

Criminal Justice, Applied Information Technology, B.I.S.

Criminal Justice, B.A.

Criminal Justice, Forensics, B.I.S.

Criminal Justice, Sociology, B.I.S.

Criminal Justice, Substance Abuse, B.I.S.

Cybersecurity, B.S.


Dual Degree (3+2) Program at UNCP and NCSU (Civil or Environmental)


Dual Degree (3+2) Program at UNCP and NCSU (Electrical or Mechanical)

Economics Minor

Elementary Education (K-6), B.S.

English Academic Concentration

English as a Second Language Add-On Licensure

English Minor

English, Literary Studies Emphasis, B.A.

English, Middle Grades Language Arts (6-9) Emphasis, B.A.

English, Professional Writing Emphasis, B.A.

English, Secondary Education (9-12) Emphasis, B.A.

Entrepreneurship Certificate

Entrepreneurship Minor

Environmental Science, B.S.

Exercise and Sport Science, Fitness Specialist Track, B.S.

Exercise and Sport Science, Health Promotion Track, B.S.

Exercise and Sport Science, Recreation and Sport Administration Track, B.S.

Finance Minor

Gender Studies Minor

General Political Science Minor

Geo-Environmental Studies, Geography Track, B.S.

Geo-Environmental Studies, Geoscience Track, B.S.

Geography Academic Concentration

Geography Minor

Geology Academic Concentration

Geology Minor

Geospatial Technologies Certificate

Health Promotion Minor

Health/Physical Education (K-12), B.S.

Hispanic Studies Minor

History Academic Concentration

History Minor

History, B.A.

History, Social Studies Education, Middle Grades Concentration (6-9), B.A.

History, Social Studies Education, Secondary Concentration (9-12), B.A.

Hospitality, Resort, Hotel and Restaurant Administration, B.I.S.

Information Technology Minor

Information Technology, Cyber Security Track, B.S.

Information Technology, General Track, B.S.

Jazz Studies Minor for Music Majors

Jazz Studies Minor for Non-Music Majors

Jewish and Middle Eastern Studies Minor

Journalism Minor

Legal Studies Minor

Literature Minor

Management Minor

Marketing Minor

Mass Communication

Mass Communication, Broadcasting Track, B.S.

Mass Communication, Journalism Track, B.S.

Mass Communication, Public Relations Track, B.S.

Mathematics Academic Concentration

Mathematics Minor

Mathematics, Mathematics Track, B.S.

Mathematics, Middle Grades Mathematics Education Track (6-9), B.S.

Mathematics, Secondary Mathematics Education Track (9-12), B.S.

Media Integration Studies Minor

Medical Sociology Minor

Music Business Minor

Music Education (K-12), Instrumental Emphasis, B.M.


Music Education (K-12), Keyboard Emphasis (Instrumental Orientation), B.M.

Music Education (K-12), Keyboard Emphasis (Vocal Orientation), B.M.

Music Education (K-12), Vocal Emphasis, B.M.


Music Minor


Music, B.A.

Music, Instrumental Orientation, Academic Concentration

Music, Keyboard Orientation, Academic Concentration

Music, Music Industry Emphasis--Classical Track, B.A.

Music, Music Industry Emphasis--Jazz and Commercial Track, B.A.

Music, Vocal Orientation, Academic Concentration

Musical Theatre Minor

Musical Theatre, B.M.

Nursing, Pre-Licensure

Nursing, RN-BSN

Philosophy and Religion Academic Concentration

Philosophy and Religion Minor

Philosophy and Religion, B.A.

Philosophy Minor

Physics Academic Concentration

Physics Minor

Political Science Academic Concentration

Political Science, BA., and Public Administration, BA-MPA, Five-Year Combined Track

Political Science, General Option, B.A.

Political Science, International Studies Option, B.A.

Political Science, Pre Law Option, B.A.

Political Science, Public Policy and Administration Option, B.A.

Popular Religious Culture in America Minor


Preschool Add-On Licensure

Professional Writing Minor

Psychology Academic Concentration

Psychology Minor

Psychology, B.S.

Public Administration Minor

Public and Non-Profit Administration, Allied Health Administration, B.I.S.

Public and Non-Profit Administration, Financial Administration, B.I.S.

Public and Non-Profit Administration, General, B.I.S.

Public and Non-Profit Administration, Public Management, B.I.S.

Public and Non-Profit Administration, Substance Abuse, B.I.S.

Public Relations Communication Minor

Quantitative Economics Minor

Reading Professional Concentration

Recreation Minor

Religion Minor

Sacred Music Minor for Instrumental Emphasis Music Majors or Non-Music Majors

Sacred Music Minor for Voice or Keyboard/Vocal Orientation Music Majors

Science Education, Biology (9-12) Concentration, B.S.

Science Education, Chemistry (9-12) Concentration, B.S.

Science Education, Earth Science (9-12) Concentration, B.S.

Science Education, Middle Grades Science (6-9) Concentration, B.S.

Science Education, Physics (9-12) Concentration, B.S.

Social Welfare Minor

Social Welfare Minor

Social Work, B.S.W.

Sociology Academic Concentration

Sociology Minor

Sociology, B.A.

Spanish Academic Concentration

Spanish Minor

Spanish, B.A.

Special Education (K-12), B.S.

Special Education Professional Concentration

Sport Leadership Minor

Studio Art Minor

Studio Art Minor

Substance Abuse Minor

Sustainability Minor

Sustainable Agriculture Minor

Terrorism Studies Minor

Theatre Arts, B.A.

Theatre Minor