Pathway to Licensure

Pathway to Licensure

Welcome to the UNCP Pathway to Licensure page. The Licensure Office is responsible for maintaining all documentation for candidates for admission to the Educator Preparation Program and teacher licensure.  This includes, but is not limited to, educator preparation admission, monitoring compliance with educator preparation policies after admission, and recommendation of licensure application upon completion of program.  The Licensure Office maintains data for national, state and local agencies unique to the Educator Preparation Program.

Please CLICK HERE to submit your Residency Licensure (RL) form.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be patient with us due to all requests for Residency Licensure authorizations are processed on Tuesday of each week.

For additional questions, please contact:

Kammala Brayboy
Phone: 910.521.6454

For additional Licensure Information contact: