Finance and Administration

The Vice Chancellor for Finance & Administration is responsible for the leadership of Business Services, Controller's Office, Dining Services, Environmental Health & SafetyFacilities Management, Facilities Operations, Facilities Planning & Construction, Financial Planning and Analysis, Division of Information Technology, Human Resources, Purchasing, Police & Public Safety and Sustainability Office.

Mission Statement

Finance and Administration Division will support and advance the mission of the University of North Carolina Pembroke by providing excellent stewardship of human, physical and fiscal resources. All efforts are centered on providing services and guidance to the campus community that are valued, efficient and effective. Maximizing student success is at the core of our work, honoring the university’s commitment to access, affordability, and inclusion.

Vision Statement

We aspire to excellence in all areas that comprise the Finance and Administration Division. To do this, we will make a service focus central to all of our efforts. We will employ best practices throughout our functional areas, and our work will be characterized by the highest standards of accountability and transparency. We strive to be proactive, efficient, innovative, and creative.


The values that guide our efforts are the same values as have been articulated for the University. Here is what that means for the Finance and Administration Division:

  • Communication: We communicate in a fashion that is open, honest and transparent. We listen actively, and respect the opinions and thoughts of others. We strive for constructive dialog and open exchange among all constituents.
  • Accountability: We take responsibility for our actions and our work output.
  • Integrity: We conduct ourselves with the highest levels of ethics and honor. We follow through on our promises and act in a selfless fashion that is beneficial to all members of the campus community. We strive for consistency between our words and our deeds.
  • Service: Service to others is the guiding value underlying all efforts within the division. Our success is dependent upon the extent to which we live up to this value in our day to day interactions.
  • Innovation: We stay abreast of new ideas, trends and practices in our areas of expertise. We actively pursue and modify our approach to align with evolving best practices. We are creative problem solvers, capable of examining, evaluating and implementing new, or novel ideas.
  • Collaboration: We work with and respect the opinions and thoughts of others, knowing that the outcome of such effort is ultimately better then working alone.