Geology and Geography

The Department of Geology and Geography is home to faculty focusing on topics including the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities. This breadth of focus is mirrored in the Geo-Environmental Studies major which shares a common focus of the investigation and understanding of the physical and human environments of the Earth.

Geo-Environmental Studies Degree

Find out more about our 3+2 Dual degree program that leads to a bachelors degree in Geo-Environmental Studies from UNCP and a bachelors degree in Civil Engineering from NCSU.

Geology provides the basis for the geoscience track with an emphasis on the natural sciences and the study of the Earth itself.

Geography affords students the opportunity to study the interactions between humans and the environment through the study of spatial variation

In addition to the Geo-Environmental Studies major, the department is home to minors in Geology, Geography, and Sustainability, as well as the Geospatial Technologies Certificate. Each of these allows students from majors across campus to gain an additional specialization in one of these areas in order to bolster their knowledge as well as their job prospects.

If you have any questions about the Geo-Environmental Studies major, one of our minors, or the certificate, please visit us in Oxendine Science suite 1300 or contact one of our faculty.