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Student Conduct

The mission of the Office of Student Conduct is to administer a campus student discipline program that encourages students to develop as responsible adults.

Through programming, advisement, and interaction, we seek to increase awareness of University expectations of student behavior, encourage civility, and promote self responsibility.

We believe in promoting an environment which encourages students to uphold community standards, enhancing community through education, and striving to provide a comprehensive student discipline program that encourages all students to develop into productive members of society.


The Conduct Hearing Board is a board comprised of faculty, staff, and student members that hear and make determinations on student conduct cases. The members of the board are appointed and trained to ensure the process is followed and every student receives due process.

Students may be recommended for the Conduct Hearing Board by faculty or staff members, the Student Government Association, or they may apply by completing the application at the link below. All applications are reviewed by the Office of Student Conduct and all final appointments are made by the Chancellor.


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct provides information to students and organizations about their rights and responsibilities as members of the UNCP community.

Student Code of Conduct Regulation Policy

Student Rights and Responsibilities Regulation

Student Conduct Disciplinary Procedures

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