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NC Promise beginning Fall 2018. 
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* for undergraduate students only

Get more for your money

U.S. News and World Report has called UNCP one of the most affordable universities in America. This is a great selling point. But let's take it one step further, UNCP is also a great value.

Here's what we mean: As a small, predominantly undergraduate university, we emphasize the quality of teaching and student learning over everything we do. For example, you will never take a class from a teaching assistant, all your teachers will be professors. Not only that, faculty who love to teach are attracted to Pembroke because of how highly we value outstanding teachers.

Pembroke's commitment to offering students the finest education possible has a profound effect on the kinds of things you will experience. At UNCP, you will have a chance to collaborate with professors on projects, use sophisticated pieces of equipment and write papers and theses under the guidance of faculty interested in you and your work. As a result, Pembroke students report high levels of satisfaction with their programs and professors— and terrific job placements. (FYI: Within a year of graduating, 90 percent of Pembroke alums are working or attending graduate school.)