Military Science (Army ROTC)

The objectives of the Army ROTC Program are to attract, motivate, and prepare selected students to serve as commissioned officers in the active or reserve components of the Army; to provide a practical understanding of the concepts and principles of military science; to develop a strong sense of duty, honor, and country; to promote teamwork and individual fitness; and to develop an understanding of and appreciation for international relations and national security. Attainment of these objectives prepares students for commissioning, and establishes a solid foundation of their professional development and effective performance in the uniformed services or in civilian enterprise.

The Army ROTC Program is of modular construction and is composed of a Basic and an Advanced Course. Enrollment in the Basic Course is open to all full-time students, and it carries with it no obligation for military service. Completion of the Basic Course is a prerequisite for application to the Advanced Course. Prior military service, high school ROTC, or membership in a National Guard or Reserve unit may result in direct Advanced Course placement. Entrance into the Advanced Course is selective and is based on demonstrated performance and leadership potential. Students who satisfactorily complete the Advanced Course and graduate from the university are commissioned as second lieutenants.

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