Indigenous Cultures & Communities Council

Chair: Benjamin Killian

Assistant Chair: Michele Fazio


The Indigenous Cultures and Communities (ICC) Council shall be responsible for approval of requirements for course designation and co-curricular experiences that demonstrate significant engagement with, study of, research in, and/or community service to Indigenous communities, such that all baccalaureate graduates of the University experience and appreciate the histories, diversities, cultures, and/or sovereignties of Indigenous people. The Council will be an operational committee under auspices of the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC). Voting members will be selected from among the faculty and staff with 10 positions to include: Chair of American Indian Studies Department or designee, Office for Community and Civic Engagement representative, Director of TLC or designee, Office for Online Learning representative, and Rotating members from each of the senate divisions.

Committee Members

  • Benjamin Killian, Chair (NSM)
  • Michele Fazio, Assistant Chair (LETT)
  • Kelly Barber-Lester (EDUC)
  • Scott Hicks (TLC)
  • Mary Ann Jacobs (AIS)
  • Sandy Jacobs (CCE)
  • Jennifer Jones-Locklear (CHS)
  • Terry Locklear (OOL)
  • Emily Sharum (SBS)
  • Mark Tollefsen (ARTS)


The Committee meets on the second Friday of each month or more often if needed or more often if needed. 

Click here for Academic Year 2021-2022 Agendas and Minutes.