Textbooks and Course Materials

A women's hands typing on a laptop

The textbook delivery program UNCP IncludED has been paused for the Spring 2024 semester and will be revisited at a later date.

This means students registered for classes for the upcoming semester are responsible for purchasing or renting their textbooks and course materials. Textbook fees will not be automatically billed to student accounts.* All textbooks and other course materials are available online or at the on-campus bookstore.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback following the fall 2023 launch of UNCP IncludED. We believe course materials are an essential part of the learning process and intend to use this pause in program service to fine-tune delivery and billing. 

*Select spring courses are enrolled in the Follett Inclusive Access program and will use digital materials billed alongside a course or tuition fee. Students registered for these courses will see a notation indicating this when looking up their materials online and will have an ACCESS charge appear on their tuition bill.