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Faculty Research Advisory Board (FRAB)

Chair & Secretary: Paul Flowers


The Faculty Research Advisory Board (FRAB) advises the Faculty Senate and the Chancellor with respect to issues affecting faculty research, scholarly and creative activity. The FRAB proposes initiatives that support faculty research, scholarship and creative activity; considers issues related to these activities submitted to it by the faculty; and monitors the general campus climate for such efforts.

Committee Members

  • Paul Flowers, Chair & Secretary (NSM, 2022-2025)
  • Gary Mauk (At Large, 2022-2025)
  • Chris Ziemnowicz (SBS, 2022-2025)
  • Emilia Bak (ARTS, 2021-2024)
  • Joseph Sweet (LETT, 2021-2024)
  • Jessica Siegele (CHS, 2020-2023)
  • Beth Holder (EDUC, 2020-2023)


The FRAB meets at least once a semester and more frequently if needed.


Click here for Academic Year 2022-2023 Agendas and Minutes.