Keep Working

This page provides convenient access to IT resources and instructions that facilitate faculty and staff being able to work away from campus.  Much of the information is also relevant when employees are working on campus.



DoIT Help Desk Assistance - Submit an incident, call 910.521.6260 or email helpdesk@uncp.eduRemote Support Portal and instructions.        


How-To Videos

View technology training videos


Backing Up, Saving & Sharing Files

DoIT recommends copying files from your computer and storing them in the cloud. Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive are available to you using your network credentials.

O365 OneDrive O365 OneDrive
Google Drive Google Drive
Securely Backup Computer Data

The UNCP solution for faculty and staff computer backups is Code42 CrashPlan. This tool provides disaster recovery and the ability to retrieve previous versions of local files. The installation and backup process is automatic. All directories associated with local user data will be backed up. Users will only need to authenticate when retrieving their files (

Download Files from the Web 
Restore Files from the Code42 App



Canvas is known for being the most reliable Learning Management System (LMS) on the market. It makes online learning in today's mobile world much easier with tools designed for online, mobile, and tablet use.

  • We’ve partnered with Canvas to provide comprehensive 24/7 support. Call 833-665-7260, email, or start a live chat.
  • The Office of Online Learning offers resources to faculty for teaching remotely. Get more information here.
  • Click here for information about Canvas.


Collaboration Tools

UNCP offers a variety of collaboration tools to share ideas and information online. These also include Webex and Zoom for web conferencing and instruction.

G Suite for Education  
Office 365 Online Portal   


Email and Calendar

Accessing Email Online 
Accessing a Shared Mailbox 
Office 365 Instructions 
Using BraveWeb to Email Students 


Frame (Virtual Environment)

Frame is a virtual desktop environment available to faculty, staff and students that allows access to campus resources and software from any device on or off campus.

Using Frame at UNCP


IT Security Best Practices

Using IT security best practices will enable you to work remotely as efficiently and securely as possible.


Maintenance of Personal Computers

While some UNCP faculty and staff have access to University laptops, many are using personal devices to work and access resources. In support of these personal devices, we’ve created this document to help you maintain them.

Maintenance of Personal Computers


Network Drive Access

Access departmental (K: drive) file storage from on or off campus.

Instructions for Accessing Network Drives


Office Phones and Voicemail

Cisco Jabber can be used by faculty and staff to message UNCP colleagues and make phone calls from your computer (that will show up as if you're calling from your office phone).  Jabber is an extension of your desktop phone and you can call others using the same 4-digit dialing, local, or long-distance dialing you use at your desktop phone. It can be installed on mobile devices as well as computers. Cisco IP Communicator is for use by departments with Call Centers.


Remote Assistance from DoIT

DoIT has enhanced remote support capabilities with the BeyondTrust tool.  A new “Remote Assistance from DoIT” icon has been deployed to all classroom and computer lab computers in an effort to further streamline the support offered in Instructional Spaces. To begin a remote session with DoIT, simply double-click the icon and select “Connect with Support Team”. This service will be available during posted Help Desk hours.  Click here for additional information.


Self-Service Password Reset  

It is easier than ever for you to recover your password. We have collaborated with Microsoft to use their Self-Service Password Reset utility. After registering, you will be able to reset, unlock, or change your password without having to contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Self-Service Password Reset   



The UNCP Division of Information Technology maintains licensing for, and supports numerous software packages. OnTheHub (a Microsoft-affiliated software portal) is also available to students, faculty, and staff for acquiring free or discounted software for use on personal devices.

UNCP Devices

Personal Devices


Travel Abroad IT Restrictions and Accommodations

Students, faculty, and staff who plan to travel abroad should be familiar with the restrictions for UNCP IT resources. To avoid any unnecessary inconvenience with IT access while traveling, click here for information and recommendations.


WiFi Access in Exterior Campus Locations

UNCP is providing exterior wireless access for faculty, staff, students, and guests in some outdoor locations on campus. Details are provided on the page listed below.

Public WiFi Access in Exterior Campus Locations