Troubleshooting Jabber Issues

Cisco Jabber

The following are issues some faculty/staff may experience.


Issue: A faculty or staff member has not been able to log into Jabber on their mobile phone.
  • Reboot the phone.
  • When logging into Jabber, use your and your network password.

Issue: Phone calls cannot be made by faculty/staff using the Jabber desktop app.

Get instructions for calling with Cisco Jabber. The file at the bottom of that page includes screenshots.


Issue: After making or answering a call using the Jabber desktop app on a Windows computer, the person cannot hear the other party.

Go to Settings, select Privacy, and then select Speech. Toggle the button to "On" for Online speech recognition.


Report a problem
Report a Problem

Use the Jabber Reporting tool to submit a support ticket for Jabber installed on a computer.  Click on the gear in the upper right and click “Report a problem.” Enter the information and save the file. Attach the zipped file and email it to


Note: Jabber can be used from any Internet connected device. VPN is not required.