Using Frame at UNCP

What is Frame

Frame is a virtual desktop environment available to faculty, staff and students that allows access to campus resources and software from any device on or off campus.

Accessing Frame

Note: Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge provide the best experience. On iPad, the best experience is through Safari.

Get started by viewing this video.

Using a browser, visit and sign in using your O365 login credentials. If you’ve already signed in through Single Sign On (SSO) you’ll be logged in automatically. If this is your first time connecting to Frame, you will need to give Frame permission to access your account, as well as agree to the terms of service.

After signing in, you’ll be presented with a launchpad for one of the desktops you’re entitled to. You can use the selector tool along the top center of your browser window in order to browse to the rest. Simply click on the desktop you wish to access to get started. You’ll connect to your session and from there you can sign into the remote computer as you would any other computer on campus.

Frame Console
Frame Dashboard
Frame Starting Session
Fram Login Screen
Frame Desktop

Using Frame

Frame works almost like any other lab computer on campus. The icons on the desktop are representative of the applications provided. Please bear in mind that like lab computers, personal files are not retained. Any files you wish to keep after your session, need to be saved elsewhere.

Features available from the Frame status bar at the bottom of the window are listed below.

  • The gear icon is used to alter settings or send commands such as Ctrl + Alt + Delete, as well as to disconnect or close your session.
  • The five dots indicate your connection quality, followed by the latency to the desktop.
  • Control the scaling with the magnifying glass.
  • See how much time you’ve been in your session along with the maximum time you can be logged in to that session.
  • On the right side there are icons used to upload files, sync your clipboard, bring up a soft keyboard, control volume, connect cloud storage providers, and turn on full screen.

UNCP network drives will automatically be available upon signing in. Users can connect their OneDrive and Google Drive to Frame using their icons along the bottom bar. After authorizing Frame to access these, they will show up as additional drives with their contents available.

Files from your local computer can be moved to the desktop by dragging and dropping the file or by using the upload button along the Frame status bar. These files are located in the Uploads folder inside File Explorer. Similarly, any files placed in the Download Now folder inside of File Explorer will be download to the device you are connecting through. As a reminder, please save any files you wish to keep on network or cloud storage, or on your local device. Any files not saved elsewhere when your session closes, will be lost.

To print from within Frame, select Frame Printer as the print destination, click Print, then select the printer of your choice.

When you’re finished using the Frame desktop, select the gear icon, and then select Close session. You can also sign out or shut down the virtual machine from the start menu. Closing the browser tab will leave your session open until the disconnect timeout kicks in (20 minutes on most desktops).


  • Frame is designed with a modern web browser in mind and Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge will provide the best user experience.
  • For general problems, closing the session and reconnecting should be your first step in troubleshooting.
  • If you don’t see your Google Drive or OneDrive inside of File Explorer, make sure that they are connected to the current launchpad desktop. You can verify this by clicking their respective buttons along the bottom bar. Note that connection is per desktop. Once configured for one desktop, it will work next time you access it, however if you use additional desktops, you will need to authorize access there as well.
  • If you don’t hear sound, check the Frame status bar and click the sound icon.
  • If you do not see a launchpad desktop you expect, first check the selector tool along the top of the browser window to make sure it’s not listed. Access is group based. The RemoteLab desktop is only available to currently active students, faculty, and staff. If you believe you should have access and cannot see an expected desktop, contact the DoIT Help Desk at 910.521.6260 or for assistance.