Network Storage

How to use the I: drive

  • Local Access:

    • Campus pc’s logged into the network: Use the I: drive the same as any other drive letter.
  • Remote Access:

    • Secure, encrypted FTP access is available.  Click here for instructions on how to access accounts/files remotely.
    • Users with VPN access may be able to connect to the I: drive on a pc that has previously connected to the network while on campus.  Transfer rates will depend on the quality and speed of the remote connection.

Storage Limits:

  • The quota for each user will be

    • Faculty and Staff: 5 GBs of storage
    • Students: 1GB of storage

Security and Backup

  • High Availability: The storage system provides a very high level of data loss prevention.  SAN data is mirrored to a backup SAN providing access to data even in the event of one SAN failure.  The SAN can tolerate up to two simultaneous disk failures without any downtime and automatically replaces failed drives with spare drives greatly reducing the risk of failure.  Couple this with the mirroring of the data and you can see how redundant this system is.
  • Restore lost files easily: The data on the SAN is backed up to tape every night.  In addition, daily “snapshots” are taken which provide users the ability to restore a file to a previous version or recover a deleted file from several weeks prior without any assistance from DoIT.  Simply right-click the I: drive and choose Properties and click the “Previous Versions” tab.  You will be able to view, copy, or restore files as old as one month.
  • Security:  Only you can access your individual storage account.  

If you have questions or experience problems accessing your network folders and files, please contact the Helpdesk at 910.521.6260 or