Alumni Email Account Access



After graduation, a person's student account changes to an alumni account. This means alumni can retain access to email. However, there will no longer be access to BraveWeb resources (such as Banner Self-Service), Google apps, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Cisco WebEx and Zoom (including recordings), and more. Files that the student wishes to keep need to be downloaded prior to graduation. 


Prior to graduation…

Back up cloud storage files

Save info from BraveWeb

Since alumni accounts don't have access to BraveWeb resources, download any information you need from Banner Self Service, Online Account Center, etc.


After graduation…

UNCP email remains the same

Microsoft Office Apps

  • Alumni do not have access to Microsoft 365 online apps.
  • Alumni do not have access to install Microsoft 365 apps to their devices.
  • UNCP Microsoft 365 software (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) will no longer be licensed so the files saved to your computer become read-only until you purchase a personal Microsoft Office license.

Travel Abroad IT Restrictions

If you plan to travel to Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria or Yemen, you'll need to complete the Temporary International Travel Request at least 2 weeks prior to leaving. Get additional information from the Travel Abroad IT Restrictions and Accommodations webpage.


Within 12 months after graduation…

Log into BraveWeb to opt-in to your account

  • Log into BraveWeb, click the Alumni Account Opt in link. Read the information and click I Agree to extend access to your alumni account for another year.
  • If the opt-in is not done within this timeframe, the account will be deactivated. You'll need to contact the Help Desk for assistance.



  • The Alumni Account Opt-in has to be done every year so it might be best to create a calendar reminder.


Readmitted to UNCP?

  • Undergraduate and Graduate: After acceptance as an undergraduate or graduate student, your account license is changed from alumni to student.
  • After readmission, you should be able to log into your UNCP student account and have access to all technology resources again. If there are any issues, contact the Help Desk for assistance.  


Help Desk Support

For technology assistance contact the DoIT Help Desk. When emailing the Help Desk for assistance, include a contact phone number. If emailing from a personal email address, also include your UNCP username or email address.