I live in a residence hall. My computer is very slow. I think I may have downloaded a virus. What should I do?

Run a complete scan of your computer with the anti-virus software that is installed on it.

I received email from UNCP Customer Care Team asking me to provide my password.

Do not reply to any messages asking for your password and/or username. DoIT will never ask you provide your information via email. Those are not legitimate messages. If you have responded, please change your password immediately and call the Help Desk. 

I received an email telling me to go to a Web site and change my password. Is this legitimate?

You may be asked from time to time to change your password by UNCP. You can differentiate between legitimate requests and possible phishing schemes by observing WHERE on the web you are going to change your password. DoIT will never ask you to go to a website outside of and to change your password.

I am getting a pop-up from “” asking to configure Outlook, should I allow it?

This is part of the Exchange email system at UNC Pembroke, and it is safe to allow.

How should I secure my mobile technology such as an iPad?

Please consult our guide below.

Where can I find more on information security?

Visit our Information Security page.