Network and Email Connectivity FAQs

How do I access my network files on campus?

If you log into a UNCP computer in an office, lab or classroom on campus, you should be able to find your personal network space as the 'I:' drive. If you are logging in from a Mac, you will see a network share in Finder called "‹User› on Student/Netapp Filer" where ‹user› is your username.

How do I access my network files remotely?

Faculty and staff can access network storage space using the VPN client, Cisco AnyConnect.

I live on campus and have my own computer. How do I access the Internet?

You need to select the BraveWifi or eduroam network and comply with our campus standards.  Residential Network (ResNet) information is available at

How do I access the campus wireless network?

Click here to get information about accessing the campus wireless network.

I forgot my password... What do I do now?

Click here for information about passwords.  Please note that assistance with network credentials cannot be provided by email.

How do I get my student email setup on my cell phone or tablet?

View BraveMail on Mobile setup instructions.

I sent out a mass email message and received an "Undeliverable" error. Do I have to send the message again?

No, you do not have to resend the message. The email is being delivered to all recipients, except to the one whose email has a problem. If the email is undeliverable to even one recipient, you will receive the message below:

Subject: Undeliverable: (your original subject)
Delivery has failed to these recipients or distribution lists:

Please scroll through the list of recipients to see which recipients did not receive the message, as well as the reason why the message did not get delivered (i.e., "The recipient's mailbox in full.").

I am getting a pop-up from “” asking to configure Outlook, should I allow it?

This is part of the Exchange email system at UNC Pembroke, and it is safe to allow.

We have new faculty/staff starting today. What forms should they fill out?

Network account applications are not necessary for permanent faculty and staff as well as adjunct faculty. Network accounts are created prior to faculty/staff arrival and credentials are sent to the personal email address given to Human Resources.  The username and password will arrive in separate messages.  However, temporary staff (including student workers who need a staff account) will need an Account Creation Service Request submitted. Click here and view instructions in the Network Account Application section.

I am a faculty/staff member and need to have a secure or direct connection between my home and the university network. (VPN)

The technology you are looking for is called VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN access is given to new faculty and staff at the same time their network accounts are created.  For instructions to download, install and use Cisco AnyConnect, click here.

I am a faculty/staff member and I need to setup my email on my phone.

Office 365 Email on Mobile

How do I get access to send mail to official.announcements?

The Chancellor, vice chancellor or chair of the faculty senate or staff council must approve access to send messages to the official.announcements list. If you wish to have that access, please forward a request to the appropriate individual mentioned in the previous sentence with a description of the types of messages you want to send and a justification of this access. Note that one goal of this model is to limit the number of messages sent to this list, so these requests are considered carefully.

How do I send mail to one of the listservs (, personal.announcements, faculty.discussion and staff.discussion)?

You must be a member of one of these listservs in order to send email to it. To sign up for these, log in to BraveWeb and at the top right, click your name and then select Profile. When that page loads, at the top left, click Profile and then select Communication Options.

Which listserv is most appropriate for my message?

official.announcements – This list is intended for messages from the administration, announcements of events that affect the entire campus, posting of faculty or staff agenda or minutes, and messages related to emergencies or service interruptions. Access to send messages is limited. All employees are added to this list automatically and are required to monitor messages from the list. – This listserv is intended for announcements related to campus events sponsored by an office, department or some other campus organization. Membership is optional.

personal.announcements – This listserv is intended for announcements of a personal nature such as weddings, births or bereavement. Note that a message should always respect the privacy of the individuals involved. Membership is optional.

faculty.discussion – This listserv is intended for open discussion among faculty for which there is no other prescribed venue. Topics should be related to the university and it's academic or business interests. Debate is encouraged, but messages must remain civil and not become slanderous or create a hostile environment. Membership is optional.

staff.discussion – This listserv is intended for open discussion among staff for which there is no other prescribed venue. Topics should be related to the university and it's academic or business interests. Debate is encouraged, but messages must remain civil and not become slanderous or create a hostile environment. Membership is optional.

How often should I send messages?

One of the things that the campus community complains most about is multiple copies of the same message. While it may be important to spread a particular message, it's also important not to flood email inboxes. In a case of the proverbial boy-who-cried-wolf, sending a message too often will lead people to simply ignore all your messages. They may even route your messages directly to a junk mail folder. Please limit the number of reminders to no more than one per day, and the number of messages to no more than two or three in total. If, on one day, you need to announce multiple events, send one message with a summary of each.

Should I send a separate message to each listserv or send one message to multiple listservs?

If you intend to send a message to multiple listservs, please send one message. If you do, the listserv software will identify those individuals on multiple lists and send those people one copy of your message. If you send separate messages to each listserv, individuals who have subscribed to multiple listservs will receive multiple messages. (see the question above "How often should I send messages?")

How do I send email to students?

Student Affairs maintains a listserv for students and sends a summary email (e-nnouncement) twice a week. If you wish to send email to the student listserv, please submit it here.

What is the difference in a distribution list (official.announcements) and a listserv (, personal.announcements, faculty.discussion, staff.discussion)?

There is not much difference between a list and a listserv given the current configuration of the listservs. Practically, only certain people can send to the list, while any member of a listserv may send to that listserv. In addition, messages sent to the list go out immediately. Members of a listserv can choose to receive message in one summary each day. This summary is called a digest.