Classroom Technology

The Division of Information Technology is in the process of completing the 2018 refresh of infrastructure for instructional spaces as part of the Instructional Spaces Infrastructure Initiative (ISI). There are three new types of classroom configurations.

To acclimate faculty in the use of this new technology, guides have been created and linked to the appropriate classrooms.

For Instructional information on how to host a webex session in a collaborative space, please visit the DoIT Webex page.


Business Administration 103B

Business Administration 218

DF Lowry 109

Dial Humanities 153

Dial Humanities 221

Dial Humanities 237

Education 202

Education 211

Education 223

Jones 1106

Jones 1194

Locklear Hall 122

Moore Hall 010 (Choir Room)

Old Main 238

Oxendine Science 1111

Oxendine Science 1254

Oxendine Science 2202

Oxendine Science 2250

Oxendine Science 2254

Oxendine Science 2258

Oxendine Science 3114

Oxendine Science 3246

Oxendine Science 3260

Sampson 101

Sampson 134

Sampson 204

Sampson 228

Weinstein Health Sciences 101