Google Offboarding

Once someone leaves the University, their UNCP accounts are disabled, to include Google. Any of the Google Apps (documents, emails, calendars, sites and groups) that belong to that person may no longer be accessible to others. Prior to leaving the University, the employee should verify that all important data within Google is appropriately shared to ensure continuous access. 


If you are leaving the University, consider doing the following before your end date:


Transfer Ownership

Transfer ownership of Google Drive documents to a supervisor or someone else in your department. This ensures that those in the department continue to have access to documents once the employee is has left. For instructions, click here.


Add Additional Owner(s) to Groups and Sites

Adding additional owners to any Google Groups and Sites that you own will ensure Groups mailing lists and Sites continue to be accessible once your UNCP account is closed. For instructions, click here.


Download your UNCP Google Data

Export and download your Google data from any of the Google products you use (to include email, calendar and photos). For instructions, click here.