Set Up UNCP Email on Android Mail Application

When you add your UNCP Exchange ActiveSync account, you can sync your Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Notes with your Android device.


accounts and backup

Add your UNCP Exchange account. Tap Settings > Accounts and backup.




Tap Accounts.



add account

Tap Add account.




Tap Email.




Tap Exchange.



server settings

Enter Exchange Server Settings.

  • Enter the following for Email address.
    • Faculty/Staff: (where username is your UNCP network account username)
    • Students:

Note: Faculty/Staff must NOT enter the actual email address (such as, because setup will fail.

  • Domain\username:
    • Faculty/Staff:  uncp.local\
    • Students:  uncp.local\
  • Exchange server:
  • Port:  443
  • Select, Use secure connection (SSL).
  • Tap Next.




Multi-Factor Authentication

After being directed to the Microsoft login page. Log in and select the verification method for multi-factor authentication.




Complete Verification

After using the Microsoft Authenticator app, entering the code, or receiving the phone call, verification will be complete.



sync options

Sync Options in Manual setup. Select sync options for mail, contacts, calendars, and tasks. When you're finished, tap Done.