Accessing Banner
  • While on campus or using VPN, open a browser window and go to to log in.
  • While off campus and not using VPN, use the VMWare Horizon View app.
Request for Changes in Banner System

Requests for changes in the Banner ERP system are guided by multiple process documents and all requests for cross-functional changes must be acted upon by the Data Standards Committee.  Data Stewards are owners of their Banner module and define functional processes without the need for review by the Data Standards Committee.  Changes impacting single functional areas may be brought to the Data Standards Committee for review and possible impact on other areas.

The following concepts should guide the decision process for cross-module changes, expansion, or changes in Banner functionality:

  • How will the request support institutional goals and objectives?

  • Is the request consistent with applicable laws, policies, and processes?

  • Is the request consistent with the integrated services purpose of Banner?

  • Will the request enhance the integrated services provided by Banner?

  • How will the request impact the efficient use of the Banner system?

  • Will the request limit or negatively impact mission critical functionality in support of the primary functional offices?

  • How will effectiveness of the change be measured?

  • What is the financial impact of the requested change?

  • What is the impact on technical support for Banner in both the functional offices and Information Technology?

  • Will the change promote the efficient dissemination of accurate and consistent information to faculty, staff, and students.