DoIT Forms

The PDFs are fillable forms.  Type into the form, print it, get appropriate signatures and then submit the original as indicated.  To save data typed into a form, download the blank form.  Open it with Adobe Reader, type and resave.

Banner Class Assignment Process

Step 1: Access to data stored in Banner is governed by a number of Data Stewards. Each steward is responsible for specific sets of data and must authorize access by others to that data. In order to access data stored in Banner your manager will need to send an email to the mailbox of the Data Steward of the data being requested. The list of Data Steward Mailboxes can be found at Banner Data Owners Shared Mailboxes.

The email should contain:

  • The manager's contact information
  • The employee's First and Last name
  • The employee's username
  • The employee's Banner ID
  • The data that the employee needs access to

Please be aware that you may need to contact several Data Stewards based on the access that the employee needs.

Step 2: The Data Steward will contact the manager to get details on the data being requested and will submit a Banner Access Service Request on behalf of the employee.

Step 3: Once DoIT receives the Banner Access Service Request from the Data Steward, the employee access will be granted in Banner and confirmation will be sent to the employee.

Banner Account Application Process

Account Creation Service Request - Submit this service request for a Banner account for an employee if a Banner Class Assignment described above is not needed.

Banner Class Maintenance Process

Banner Class Maintenance Request - Use this service request to create, modify or delete Banner security classes. This service request may only be completed by the Data Steward or Manager responsible for the class. Objects must exist within the scope of common user objects or the specific functional domain of the Data Steward or Manager. Specify the Banner objects to add or remove from the class, along with the type of access. Use a separate service request for each class.

Process for Submitting EASRs and RSRs:

  • Enterprise Applications Service Request (EASR) - Submit this form to request an update to Banner or some other service.
  • DataBlockRequest - Submit this form to request a new or update an existing DataBlock in Argos. Only Data Owners can submit this request. Use this template to upload to the request.
  • For report requests, please email the appropriate report writer in the area in which you are requesting the data from.

Network Account 

Account Creation Request - Submit this request for a network account for contract workers and vendors. Full time faculty, staff, and adjunct faculty have network accounts created as part of their onboarding process. The request must be submitted to DoIT via the ITSM Service Portal at least 5 business days prior to the account being needed.

Request procedure:

  1. Access the Account Creation request.
  2. This request must be submitted by the supervisor/sponsor.
  3. After DoIT sets up the network account, an email will be sent to the user’s personal email address provided in the request. After notification, the user can call the Help Desk at 910.521.6260 to have their password reset.

Shared Mailbox Application

Shared Mailbox Service Request - Supervisors must submit this service request for a new shared mailbox to be created or to add/remove permission to a shared mailbox. After a person has been granted permission, they can access the mailbox using these instructions.

Software Installation for Faculty/Staff or Lab and Classroom Machines 

Log into the ITSM Service Portal and submit "Request Software Installation". 

Drupal Accounts 

The University Web Publisher is responsible for granting Drupal accounts and providing training and assistance in developing all web pages. Contact the University Communications and Marketing department.