Academic Dedicated Liaison Initiative

The Division of Information Technology (DoIT) is pleased to announce the launch of the Academic Dedicated Liaison Initiative. This Initiative will provide dedicated technology support liaisons for Academic areas.  The role of the Academic Dedicated Liaison (ADL) is critical to ensuring IT alignment with academic departments. This role is an extension of DoIT and will facilitate communication and understanding between academic departments and DoIT. The ADL is responsible for understanding the intricacies and nuances of each assigned area.  The ADL will develop and maintain customer relations and communications throughout the customer lifecycle, coordinating support between DoIT and the department.  

Short term assignments utilizing existing DoIT staff will kick off the Academic Dedicated Liaison Initiative. The long-term plan is to create new positions to meet the needs for growing academic areas. Short term assignments will be focused on the following areas in the departments they are assigned:  

  • Participate in departmental meetings 1 to 2 times per semester.
  • Conduct classroom and lab checks to document concerns with each space within their assigned areas.  
  • Document technology and software for assigned department(s).  Create a knowledge repository to streamline support, including vendor info, support numbers, and point of contacts for the department.  
  • Provide training on new technologies for standardized classroom technologies and office software.

Please note that during the short-term assignment period, Academic Dedicated Liaisons will continue to assist with supporting all academic and administrative areas of campus.  Departments will continue to report incidents or service requests utilizing our ITSM Solution and the DoIT Help Desk.


Liaison Assignments


Building Department(s) Liaison
BA School of Business James Lewis/Marquitta Patterson
BA Political Science Andrew Reese
Caton Kinesiology, Athletics Charles Kearney
DF Lowry University College (CSS, Writing Center, ARC, TLC) Lauren Myatt
Dial English, Theatre and Foreign Languages, History Bryan Partner
Dogwood Online Learning James Lewis/Marquitta Patterson
Education School of Education Tabitha Locklear
GPAC Theatre Bryan Partner
Hickory Hall College of Arts and Science (Dean's Office), Honors College Charles Kearney
Hickory Hall North Graduate School, Academic Military Outreach Rachel Dial
Hub Thomas Entrepreneurship Hub (School of Business) James Lewis/Marquitta Patterson
Jones Kinesiology, Athletics Charles Kearney
Livermore Library Library Services Wanda Hunt
Locklear Art Michael Pruitt
Magnolia Proctoring Lab Tabitha Locklear
Moore Music Andrew Reese
Old Main AIS, Geology and Geography, Mass Comm, SAIS Museum Lauren Myatt
Oxendine Math and CS, Political Science and Public Admin Andrew Reese
Oxendine Biology, Chemistry and Physics, PURC Shain Smith
Regional Center Office of Regional Initiatives, BioTech Bryan Partner
ROTC ROTC (School of Education) Tabitha Locklear
Sampson Philosophy and Religion, Psychology, Sociology and Criminal Justice Tabitha Locklear
Weinstein Biology Research Labs 1st Floor Shain Smith
Weinstein College of Health Sciences  (Counseling, Nursing, Social Work) Robby Gaddy