Wepa Kiosk

UNCP has partnered with Wepa to bring an innovative print solution to campus!  Braves Print is available for student use at these locations.   


User Guides
  1. Printing with Wepa
  2. Wepa Express (touchless printing)
  3. Using a Wepa Scanner    


Technical Support

Wepa provides technical support via phone, email or chat.  Their operating hours are Monday - Friday, 7am - 7pm, EST. If outside of operating hours, leave a voicemail or email to be contacted at the next available time. Visit Wepa's technical support page.


About Wepa

Wepa (Wireless Everywhere Print Anywhere) is a wireless printing service that allows students to print documents at a Wepa kiosk from the web, USB drive, smartphone or any computer.  

Student printing is supported by student ETF fees.  Each student will be provided a print allowance of $10 per semester; Fall, Spring and Summer that they are enrolled.  The print allowance is allocated based on enrollment.  The print dollars will be loaded on students’ Wepa account. Students will be able to view their declining balance on the print station and Wepanow.com. Print dollars rollover each semester and reset each academic year with the start of the Fall Semester. Once those funds are exhausted, students can add additional funds to their Wepa account.  For additional information about printing on campus, visit the Wepa FAQ's.


Printing Cost  

$0.08 per black & white page

$0.15 per duplex black & white page

$0.25 per color page

$0.40 per duplex color page


Wepa kiosks are installed in the following locations throughout campus and in housing units:

  1. DF Lowry:  1st Floor Classroom Hallway near Starbucks
  2. Dial:  1st Floor Main Hallway
  3. Education:  1st Floor, Room 137 Teacher Resource Library
  4. Livermore Library:
    • 1st Floor, near Research Services
    • 2nd Floor, Computer Lab 232 (Braves Print equipped with scanner)
  5. Oxendine:  1st Floor vending machine area
  6. Sampson:  1st Floor vending machine area
  7. Thomas Hall: 1st Floor near the food court
  8. University Center:
    • 1st Floor, Computer Lab 158 (Braves Print equipped with scanner)
    • 1st Floor, UC Lounge area
  9. Weinstein:  
    • 1st Floor, entrance to dining area
    • 2nd Floor, Computer Lab 258

University Housing Locations

  1. Belk Hall:  1st Floor vending machine area
  2. Courtyard Apartments:  2 in the Computer lab
  3. Cypress Hall:  Computer lab
  4. North Hall:  1st Floor vending machine area
  5. Oak Hall:  Computer lab
  6. Pine Hall:  Computer lab


Find out more at wepanow.com/user-guide.