Personal Student Computers

UNC Pembroke does not require that students have a personal computer on campus.  However, there may be a recommendation for specific majors.  Check with your department for more information.



There are two classes of student computers on campus.

Laptops associated with student programs

Honors College and other groups on campus may have a number of laptops associated with them purchased with University money. They are issued to students in those programs.  These laptops are University property and will be returned to the University upon completion of the program.  For service, these should be brought directly to the DoIT Help Desk in Dr. Joseph B. Oxendine Administrative Building, Room 160.

Student owned computers

This is any computer that is not owned by the University.  There is no computer repair shop on campus and no support for problems such as malware, a computer that is not functioning properly or software installation.  Support is provided for troubleshooting network and Internet connectivity issues.