AMP for Students


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What is AMP? 

AMP is the premier endpoint protection software from Cisco.   AMP uses global threat intelligence and real-time malware blocking to offer protection against the wide variety of threats your computer will be exposed to on the Internet.

Benefits of AMP 

AMP offers an increased level of protection compared to many free or low cost alternatives available in the marketplace.  Fewer incidents of malware on privately owned student machines will make UNCP’s network safer for all and result in less incidents of privately owned student computers being blocked from the UNCP network.

How Do I Download AMP? 

You can find the download link for AMP on BraveWeb, as well as instructions for installation. 


DoIT does not support privately owned student computers.  There will be no support offered for AMP on such computers.  AMP uses very little system resources, but if you feel that it is causing undesirable operation of your computer, simply remove the AMP software.