What is Verification?

Verification is the process used to check the accuracy of the information that a student gives when applying for financial aid. Verification procedures are governed by the Higher Education act of 1965, as amended and Subpart E of 34CFR Part 608.”Verification of Student Aid Application Information” regulations are published in the Federal Register dated on March 14, 1986, and August 15, 1986.

If you are selected for verification by the U.S. Department of Education, you will receive an email that will prompt you to log into Campus Logic at You will need to follow all the instructions carefully and ensure that you complete the entire process. Should you fail to complete the verification process, the Office of Financial Aid can not continue with the review process which will prevent you from received a financial aid award offer.

So make sure that:

  • All Federal Income Tax Forms are signed before uploading them,
  • Scan, upload, and click 'submit' to ensure all documents are uploaded correctly,
  • Monitor your Bravemail emails closely and promptly provide any additional required information,
  • If a document is rejected after being uploaded, make the necessary corrections and upload the document again,
  • Allow 7-10 business days for upload documents to be reviewed and processed,
  • Once successfully processed and verification is complete, you will receive a financial aid award offer.



What Information Will The Family Need To Provide?

The family will need to provide documents or related materials requested in the Campus Logic portal.

When Is The Verification Complete?

Your verification is complete after you submit all required documents and any corrections you made to your FAFSA.

What Happens After I Complete The Verification?

After you complete verification, you may receive one or more of the following:

  • An award offer,
  • An email indicating why you are not eligible for financial aid,
  • A new Student Aid Report which reflects the changes made to your FAFSA.