Payment to Student Decision Tree

The following decision tree has been developed to assist departments when they are paying scholarships, prizes, awards or stipends to students. Please follow the flowchart to determine the correct process and please contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships if you have any questions.

Estimated Financial Assistance (EFA) in 34 CFR 685.102(b), specifically, clause (1)(iii), which states: "Estimated financial assistance: (1) The estimated amount of assistance for a period of enrollment that a student (or a parent on behalf of a student) will receive from Federal, State, institutional, or other sources, such as scholarships, grants, net earnings from need-based employment, or loans, including but not limited to- ... (iii) Any educational benefits paid because of enrollment in a postsecondary education institution, or to cover postsecondary education expenses;..." The assumption for this part of the definition is that the student would not be receiving the assistance if he or she was not enrolled at a postsecondary institution. [685.102(b)].