Scholarships & Savings

Even without a scholarship, you can have the benefit of a high-quality UNC Pembroke education at an incredible cost through the NC Promise Tuition Plan! Taking advantage of NC Promise means undergraduate students will pay $500 per semester for in-state tuition and $2,500 per semester for out-of-state tuition. Total annual cost includes tuition, required fees, housing, standard meal plan, and health insurance.

NC Promise dramatically reduces the cost of college, saving over $10,000 for in-state students and $40,000 for out-of-state students over a course of four years. NC Promise does not mean we are reducing the quality of education you will receive here. If anything, it is an opportunity to improve quality, access and affordability. 

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UNC Pembroke offers a one-stop-shop for students to apply for university scholarships. Students who wish to be considered for general scholarship opportunities must submit an application here:

Go to the Brave ASSIST portal

The UNC Pembroke offers a variety of academic scholarships. The deadline for consideration is March 1st. All students must be admitted to the university and must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).


Award determinations for merit scholarships are based on the student's prior academic qualifications.


Friends, faculty, alumni, corporations and foundations have provided funds to aid students in the pursuit of academic achievement. A wide range of endowed scholarships and other awards is available, some with specific restrictions.


This program provides scholarships to talented Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology and Environmental Science majors in their sophomore, junior and senior years. To apply visit:


These scholarships are designed to provide greater educational opportunities for Native Americans who are residents of North Carolina to enroll at UNCP. The maximum award varies each year and is renewable semester by semester as long as the recipient meets the academic requirements of the University. Students must rank in the top of their high school class. A limited number of transfer students are also eligible for these scholarships. To be eligible for these funds, students must be a member of federal or state recognized tribe as identified by the NC Commission of Indian Affairs at


Visit the UNCP Catalog for specific scholarship descriptions and requirements.