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Frequently asked questions about Undergraduate Commencement

  • When and how do I apply for graduation? Pick up the "Application for Graduation" form from the Registrar's Office at the beginning of the semester prior to your final year. Obtain the required signatures, pay the graduation fee and return the form to the Registrar's Office. You must apply one year in advanced for graduation. November 1 is the official deadline for turning in Winter graduation applications; April 1 is the deadline for Spring. For example, those graduating Spring or Summer 2021 must apply by April 1, 2020. Dates may adjust if the 1st falls on a weekend.
  • What if I am an online only and/or Second Degree seeking student? Please email for your steps to apply for graduation.
  • Can I walk if I am missing requirements? Unfortunately, you must be in progress or complete with your degree in order to participate in commencement.
  • What is the fee for graduation? The Undergraduate application fee is $55. After the deadline for graduation each semester, a $25 late fee is applied to this charge. This covers the cap and gown, the diploma and the diploma cover.
  • How do I know if I have met all the requirements for graduation? The Registrar will notify you by email of your status towards graduation. This process takes approximately 4-6 weeks. Please note that during the deadline we may receive a high volume of applications, therefore delaying the email. Any applications will receive an email before their Advising Week for their final semester(s).
  • How do I graduate in absentia? If you do not attend commencement but wish for your cover to be mailed to you, you will receive the link for the Absentia form in the Commencement Email. Please do not submit it earlier than your final semester.
  • I finished this summer. When do I get my diploma? Summer School graduates will march at the Winter Commencement, but will receive their diploma in the mail 6-8 weeks after the August graduation date.
  • How can I order a duplicate diploma? Send in a Request for Duplicate Diploma (below), with your name as you would have it appear on the diploma, date of graduation, major and the address to which it will be mailed. There is a $25.00 duplicate diploma fee as well as a fee of $10.00 if you would like to receive a diploma cover. Mail the request to UNCP, Registrar's Office, PO Box 1510, Pembroke, NC 28372. Payment can be made by calling the Cashier’s office at 910-521-6855. The diploma will be mailed to you directly from the company and you will receive an email when it is mailed. Please note, if your name has changed since you graduated, you will also need to complete a Name Change form.
  • How long does it take? Duplicate Diplomas are ordered on the 15th of every month, or if we have a large order after commencement. You will receive an email to the one on the request once it is shipped. This can take 3-4 weeks after ordering to be processed and shipped.
  • What happens if I do not graduate? If you do not meet graduation requirements by commencement, you will be notified by email and mail if you do not meet all graduation requirements.
  • What if I need to change my graduation date from the one I applied under? Please complete the Graduation Date Change form here:



More information regarding the current commencement can be found here: This is update the beginning of March and October for each commencement.

"If a candidate fails to qualify by the time of commencement, but does qualify at a later time, the student must submit another application and pay a $25 diploma free"