Just the FAQS

Here are some of your frequently asked questions Answered!

Can anyone call the registrar’s office and request my grades?

No.  Under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act), only university officials and people you give signed consent to, may request this information.  Consent forms are available through our office.

Why do I get “magically dropped” from courses sometimes?

There are several reasons you may get dropped from a class that is not of your doing.  Instructors may drop students who never attended their courses; students are dropped for non-payment, early in the semester; and students can be dropped for not being compliant with immunization requirements of the state of North Carolina.

How do I drop a class?

Dropping a course happens during the first week of the semester on BraveWeb. Once registration is closed, you withdraw from courses and earn the final grade of “W”. The course withdrawal form is available in the Registrar’s Office or on the Registrar’s Office forms page, found below. You will need to obtain the signature of your advisor and present it to our office for processing.

How do I add a class?

Adding a course takes place during the pre-registration period of the previous term and ends when registration closes, usually the last day of the first week of the semester. To add a class after this period, you will need to obtain the late add form, found in the Registrar’s office or above. You will need to obtain the signatures of your instructor and advisor, and present it to our office for processing.

Why can’t I add a course after three weeks have passed?

For several reasons.  The main reasons are that there is a minimum number of semester hours that a class meets to help maintain academic integrity and for the course material to be mastered.  Additionally, the “flow” of the course is well underway, and students may find themselves having to race to catch up to their fellow classmates.

Can I march at commencement without finishing my degree requirements?

Starting in the Fall semester of 2010, students will no longer be able to march earlier than their expected graduation term, unless they are enrolled in the courses needed to complete their degree in the same semester.

How can I find my advisor, locate my time ticket, check my financial account, and register for classes?

This information and much more is available on Braveweb.  Click on Student and Registration to start.  Find information to include degree audits (DAR's Web), academic standing, grades, unofficial transcripts, holds, and class offerings.