Percussion Audition Requirements


All students wishing to major in music with a percussion emphasis or to perform with the UNCP Percussion Ensemble must audition on snare drum, mallets, and timpani. Required repertoire is as follows:

Snare Drum:

  • 1 concert solo or etude (Cirone, Delecluse, Lepak, Firth, etc.)
  • Play a concert style roll which crescendos from piano to fortissimo, and decrescendos back to piano over one minute.
  • Optional: Rudimental Solo (Pratt, Wilcoxon, etc.)


  • 1 two-mallet solo or etude (ragtime solos, all state etudes, etc.)
  • Major scales and arpeggios 
  • Optional: Four-mallet solo (Peters, Smadbeck, Rife, etc.)


  • 1 solo or etude (Firth, Goodman, Hinger, Beck, etc.)
  • Tuning and pitch matching will be tested.

Optional Areas:

  • Drum set
  • World Percussion
  • Mallet Improvisation

Keyboard and snare drum sight reading will be required of all who audition.

If you have any questions or concerns about your repertoire please contact Dr. Van Hassel.



Students in either of the BA degrees may choose drumset as their principal instrument. There will be sightreading of both drumset charts and snare drum music on the audition.

1. Rock/Funk Style

2. Slow and Fast 4/4 Swing

3. Swing/Blues in an AABA Form, with contrast at the bridge

4. Additional Styles of the student's choice (Bossa Nova, Samba, etc.)

5. Snare Drum Rudiments (from the 26 Original Rudiments)


2021-2022 Audition Dates:


Other dates can be arranged with Dr. Van Hassel if you cannot make the scheduled dates.

Please apply for admission to the University before auditioning for the music faculty.