Reserve Auditorium

Reserve Moore Hall Auditorium

The following guidelines are intended to provide for the safety of both the users of this facility and the facility itself.

To reserve the auditorium, please go to the UNCP Facility Reservations System.

I. Lighting

A. Organizations using this facility will have access to controls governing the following:

1. House lights (controlled at main door)

2. Work lights (on stage area)

3. Stage lighting located in ceiling clouds and spotlights mounted on both sides of auditorium.

II. Shell Units

A. The moveable Wenger shell units are positioned in such a way that approximately 80% of the stage area is usable.

B. Under no circumstance are these shell units to be moved unless the organization has received prior permission and a responsible member of the organization has received instructions from the Moore Hall Technical Operations Manager on how this is to be done.

C. If permission is given to move shell units, they must be returned to the original setup at the end of the rehearsal /event.

D. Under no circumstance is anything to be attached (taped, stapled, tacked, etc.) to shell units.

III. General Housekeeping

A. All organizations using this facility are responsible for leaving the entire (stage and seating area) in the same (or better) condition than they found it.

B. Users are not allowed to staple, nail, or tape any decorations onto any existing structure in the auditorium. (wall, ceiling, proscenium, sound shell, lights, curtains, stage, front of stage, etc.)

C. Under no circumstance are props, scenery, etc. to be left in the auditorium or stage area unless prior arrangements have been made.

IV. Materials/Equipment

A. Requests for equipment must be made at the time that the “Application for Use of Facility” form is completed. The UNCP Physical Plant will be in charge of providing the requested materials/ equipment.

B. All equipment, materials, props, etc. brought into the facility shall be moved immediately after the program unless prior agreement has been made in writing. All equipment, etc. not removed at

the schedule time will be moved by employees of UNCP at the expense of the Lessee and will be stored by the Lessor at a daily charge of $100 per day.

C. Please note that the projection room in the balcony is no longer in use. All movies will be shown from the auditorium floor.

V. Miscellaneous

A. In the event that two activities are scheduled on the same date, each group must complete a “Facility/Tent Use Form: Verification of Condition” at the conclusion of the event prior to the subsequent group taking occupancy of the facility.

B. One make-up area at the rear of the stage will be available to organizations using this facility.


D. The University reserves the right to deny the use of its facilities to any applicant when in the judgment of University officials such use is not in the best interest of the University.