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Academic Requirements of the Program

Programs of study in Social Studies Education offered by the Department of History include both undergraduate and graduate degrees. A licensure program in Secondary (9-12) and Middle Grades (6-9) Social Studies Education and Academic Concentrations in History and American Studies for prospective teachers are offered at the undergraduate level. Both the Secondary and Middle Grades licensure programs in Social Studies Education have been approved by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education and the North Carolina Board of Education.

The Department of History offers an academic discipline that offers students full preparation for licensure as teachers of the social studies in grades 6-12.  

This program has five major components:

  1. General Education (university wide)
  2. History Major 
  3. Social Science Collatoral
  4. Content Pedagogy
  5. Educator Preparation Core

Licensure candidates must satisfy the UNCP general education mandates and the History Department’s requirements for a B.A.

Additionally, prospective teacher candidates must complete coursework that specifically prepares her or him to teach history in a secondary school setting and obtain admission to the Educator Preparation Program (EPP).

Before registering for any courses, students pursuing secondary social studies licensure are required to confer with the Social Studies Education program coordinator in the History Department.

Undergraduate SSE Program Coordinator: Dr. Serina Cinnamon

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Updated: August 15, 2018