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Social Studies Education Graduate Programs

I want to be a teacher!
How do I do that?

Are you a recent graduate? 

Are you looking for a second (or third) career?

Are you a retiree looking for a rewarding post-retirement opportunity?

Most importantly ....

Do you want to make a difference?!

The MAT programs offers an opportunity for anyone interested in teaching  to pursue both licensure and a Masters degree all in one program.

Visit our Graduate School for admission requirements.

Application deadlines:

Fall: August 15

Spring: December 15

Summer 1: May 15

Summer 2: June 15

Contact our SSE Director  for more information TODAY!




  • History (18 hours), must include both World and American History
  • Political Science/Government/Law (6 hours)
  • Economics or Personal Finance (3 hours)
  • Psychology or equivalent (3 hours)

*Prerequisites may be waived in part or whole if candidate has a passing Praxis II social studies content score at the time of admission.

MAT Course Requirements

Total Hours: 30
Educator Preparation Core (9 hours)
  • EDN 5040 Basic Tenets of Education (3)
  • EDN 5120 Advanced Study of Exceptionality in Children (3)
  • EDN 5450 Introduction to Curriculum Design and Best Practices (3)
  • EDN 5460 Field Experience (0) – must be taken every semester in the program
Pedagogy  (9 hours)
  • SSE 5100 Principles of Social Studies Education and Instruction
  • SSE 5500 Advanced Social Studies Curriculum and Instructional Methods
  • SSE 5810: Internship & Seminar (3 hours)

**CAPSTONE- initial licensure (required as part of the internship course)
______ edTPA
______ ePortfolio

Content in the Social Studies (12 hours)
  • HST 5100 Historiography
  • Select courses from any of the following disciplines: 
    • History
    • Geography
    • Political Science
    • American Indian Studies
    • Sociology


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