Faculty in Action

Historical Marker

Dr. Jaime Martinez gave students in her undergraduate/graduate Public History course the task of writing a proposal for the state to recognize the Battle of Hayes Pond, where local Native Americans drove Ku Klux Klan members from Robeson County. They did so, and the NC Historical Marker Commission approved the measure and installed the sign pictured above.

Dr. Serina Cinnamon

Dr. Serina Cinnamon delivered "Story Mapping History: Utilizing GIS Story Map Applications to Teach and Learn History" at the NCCSS Conference in Greensboro, NC.

Dr. Ryan Anderson

Dr. Ryan Anderson, PURC Director, preached the benefits of student research at the Pembroke Undergraduate Research and Creativity Center.

Dr. Jaime Martinez

Dr. Jaime Martinez created, organized, and helped direct a multi-department production on "The Harlem Renaissance" and even took the show on the road to area schools.

Dr. Jeff Frederick with Mike Wiley

Dr. Jeff Frederick with Mike Wiley in "One Noble Journey," a production about the life of American slave Henry "Box" Brown

Drs. Jeff Frederick and Jaime Martinez

Drs. Jeff Frederick and Jaime Martinez led History students on a tour of the National Archives in Washington, DC.