Each academic year, the UNCP Department of History awards several scholarships to its majors on a competitive basis. Beginning in the 2018-2019 academic year, the university requires students to apply for those scholarships through its Brave Assist scholarship interactive search tool. Then, each spring, History faculty will select the recipients of the scholarships from that pool of applicants. To be considered for one of the awards, students must log into Brave Assist and fill out the requisite application by March 1.

History Department Scholarships

Greg and Gail Allen Scholarship in History*

The scholarship is established to honor two people that have always valued the importance of history and culture as teaching elements in the lives of their children and grandchildren.  They always encouraged their family to think broadly and to live justly, while embracing the traditions and culture of their family, community, region and world.  Their love for and promotion of the study of history served as a wonderful example to their children and grandchildren.                

The recipient of the Greg and Gail Allen Scholarship in History will be a full-time undergraduate in their Junior or Senior year.  The recipient will have a declared major in History.  Preference will be given to a recipient who graduated from a High School in Robeson County.  The recipient must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Dr. David Eliades Memorial Scholarship in History

This scholarship is established in memory of the beloved UNCP History Professor, Dr. David K. Eliades.  Dr. Eliades was a popular, award-winning educator, scholar, journalist, and author who taught North Carolina and American Indian history among other courses from 1967 - 2001.  He served as chair of the History Department, coordinator of the American Studies Program, and was honored with the title of professor emeritus in retirement.  Dr. Eliades was also awarded UNCP's first Distinguished Professor Award in 1983, and the UNC Board of Governors Award for Teaching Excellence in 1998.  His scholarship included "The Only Land I Know: A History of the Lumbee Indians" (1974) coauthored with Adolph L. Dial, and "Pembroke State University: A Centennial History" (1987) coauthored with Dr. Linda Oxendine (reprinted as "Hail to UNCP! A 125-Year History of the University of North Carolina at Pembroke" with contributions made by Lawrence T. Locklear - 2014).

The recipient of the Dr. David Eliades Memorial Scholarship in History will be a full-time undergraduate in their Junior or Senior year.  The recipient will have a declared major in History or Social Studies Education.  The recipient must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.

John Green Memorial Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1984 and endowed by generous contributions from The Robesonian, family members, and friends of the late John Green ('84). The scholarship is given to a capable and energetic student who wishes to pursue a career in writing. It will be awarded to a student majoring in History, Journalism, or Creative Writing.

Nancy Jones-Dorothy Hupp Memorial Annual Scholarship*

The Donors wish to honor the memory of Nancy Jones and Dorothy Hupp. Two awards will be presented, one in the fall and one in the spring. Candidates awarded shall be residents of North Carolina, non-traditional females majoring in History (including SSE and American Studies concentrations). Candidate selections shall be based upon: part-time or full-time enrollment (minimum of 6 hours, except for graduate students); classification as a Junior, Senior, or Graduate Student; and, a minimum of a 3.2 QPA. Each award will be worth $250.00.

Sue Betty Locklear Endowed Memorial Scholarship

The Sue Betty Locklear Endowed Memorial Scholarship was established in 1991 by faculty, family, and friends to honor the memory of Sue Betty Locklear, who served as secretary for more than twenty-one years in the Department of Communicative Arts. The award is to be made annually to a non-traditional student who is in need of financial assistance and who has declared a major in either the Department of English, Theatre, and Foreign Languages or the Department of History.

Jeffrey K Lucas Endowed Memorial Scholarship

The donor wishes to commemorate the career and professional dedication of Dr. Jeffrey K. Lucas, Department of History (2006-2015), and to provide financial support to deserving History and Social Science Education majors in honor of Dr. Lucas.

The recipients of this scholarship will be full-time undergraduate History or SSE majors and maintain a minimum of 3.0 QPA. Sophomores with two full semesters on campus will be considered as well as juniors and seniors. There is no preference to residency. Financial need is a consideration. The award is renewable.

James C. Maynor Endowed Scholarship*

This scholarship was established by Dr. Jayne P. Maynor to honor her father, James C. Maynor, a member of the UNCP class of 1950 and generous benefactor. The recipients of the James C. Maynor Endowed Scholarship will be residents of North Carolina with a major in history. Recipients must maintain a minimum of 2.5 QPA and be full time undergraduate students. The award will occur half in the fall semester and half in the spring semester, can be made in any year of study and is renewable.

Clifton Oxendine Memorial Endowed Scholarship*

This scholarship was established by family, colleagues, students and admirers to honor the late Dr. Clifton Oxendine who served UNC Pembroke from 1939 to 1970, first as Dean of the college and then as Professor Emeritus of American History. This scholarship is awarded annually to a disadvantaged student majoring in American History with first preference to a Native American from Robeson or surrounding counties.

Sons of the Revolution, North Carolina Society, American History Annual Scholarship

The donors wish to contribute to the educational support of students majoring in American History whose field of study concentrates on the Revolutionary Period and/or the period of establishment of the new democratic government of the United States of America through the establishment of The Sons of the Revolution American History Award.

This will be a one-year award of $1,000 and may be repeated in future years. The UNCP history faculty will select the recipient, who may be either a full-time or part-time undergraduate in any year of study. At the end of the academic year, the recipient will be required to submit to the Secretary of the Sons of the Revolution a typed research paper on an appropriate topic as part of the Chapter's evaluation process. The Chapter will reserve the right to publish the paper in its publications.

Max M. Weinstein Memorial Endowed Scholarship

The Donor's intent is to establish an award that will affirm and promote his belief in the enduring value of education and in the study of history. The donor will commemorate the memory and legacy of his late father, Max Weinstein, who shared his belief in the usefulness and value of learning through history. This endowed scholarship is meant to encourage and inspire recipients to recognize the importance and relativity of history in the quest of life long learning and to provide financial support as they pursue this field of study. The donor believes that education is a means of broadening one's horizons, not only in the pursuit of a career but also in the quest for a future that is open to the many possibilities that come with a good educational foundation.

Candidates qualified for this scholarship award shall be History majors pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. The donor prefers that financial need is demonstrated; however, the department may use its discretion as to determine the recipient who is most deserving. The award will be made annually.