Illuminating through Inquiry

Teaching Literacy through Historical Inquiry
North Carolina Council for the Social Studies
UNC Pembroke Social Studies Education Students attending the North Carolina Council for the Social Studies.
Integrating Maps into Social Studies Curriculum
Dr. Serina Cinnamon explaining to students how to effectively integrate maps and geography into social studies lesson plans.
Content Literacy Strategies
Dr. Kim Sellers and PSRC educators discuss the importance of actively incorporating literacy strategies into lesson planning.
Dr. Cinnamon
Dr. Cinnamon teaching a lesson on sourcing. We recognize that all sources have a "bias" that are dependent on the author's purpose for creation.

Grounded in disciplinary literacy, our projects seeks to bridge a partnership across the university and local school partners to offer innovative inquiry-based curriculum and professional development in the social studies. 

Our work is aligned to the National Council for Social Studies C-3 Framework, Common Core Literacy Standards, and the North Carolina Essential Standards. More importantly, our inquiry-based curriculum is grounded in research in the field of social studies education and field-tested in real classrooms, with practicing teachers and a diverse array of students.

 Through this project, We offer curriculum and resources designed and vetted in a collaboration between practitioners and researchers. Our lessons, assessments, and student activities are designed to improve student literacy, develop critical thinking skills, and create engaged democratic citizens- all critical goals of social studies education.

For questions or more information about this project, its curriculum, and/or professional development training in social studies literacy, please contact Dr. Serina Cinnamon at or by phone at 910.521.6441.