Proposal Development

The initial stage when a Principal Investigator (PI)/Project Director (PD) identifies a funding opportunity and develops an outline of the scope of work and his/her approach on how to execute the work.

Prior to submission to the funding agency, obtain UNCP institutional approval for the proposal using the Cayuse SP system (electronically routes the proposal to the Investigator's Chair and Dean)

It’s especially important to talk to your chair early in the proposal writing process if your proposed project involves reassigned time or a commitment of university resources (e.g., conference space), or if the sponsor requires matching funds or cost sharing.

Read the agency guidelines – tells you everything you need to know about the preparation of the proposal, and you can also contact the sponsor by reaching out to the Program Officer.  to discuss your project is always a good idea. A telephone call or a short letter can help you and the sponsor determine if your research idea is a good fit for the sponsor’s needs.

Interested in submitting a proposal?  Contact OSRP at