About OSRP

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OSRP serves as the central clearinghouse for all university grant proposals, contracts, and awards, and offers pre-award administrative assistance and award setup to the campus community. The Office of Sponsored Research and Programs (OSRP) provides direct support to faculty and staff applying for, or receiving, funding from an external sponsor (extramural funding). These funds are typically awarded as a result of an application submitted by the university, on behalf of a faculty or staff member, to a sponsor. Sponsored Programs usually involve research, training, instruction, or service activities.

Considering an application for extramural funding? OSRP can assist with the following… 

  • Reading and interpreting sponsor’s guidelines for proposal submissions
  • Proposal preparation (i.e. budget development, budget justification, sponsor forms, institutional assurances, supporting documents, etc.)
  • Institutional review and approval of proposal
  • Submission to sponsor (i.e. federal, state, non-profit, industry, etc.)
  • Negotiation and acceptance of awards
  • Non-financial post-award support so faculty and staff can meet the sponsors’ reporting requirements for awarded project

Note: Please contact OSRP when first initiating the grant application process and submit application materials to OSRP no later than seven full business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline.