Find Funding

The first step for any sponsored program is to find the right funding opportunity.  Below are current funding announcements and resources for fund searching. 

Funding Announcements 

OSRP invites you to share your research and program interests opportunities with us so personalized opportunities can be sent directly to you. The following are a number of programs currently accepting applications:

The Faculty Research and Development Grant Program 

The Faculty Research and Development Grant Program has been providing financial assistance to faculty since 1977. The goal of this initiative is to encourage full-time faculty to pursue professional development by providing limited, although meaningful, financial support. Faculty members who are eligible to serve as principal investigators (PI) on externally funded grants are encouraged to apply for funding. Below are abstracts from projects funded from the 2023 competition.

SPIN Database

SPIN is a search engine used to locate funding opportunities across all disciplines and sources. 

SPIN Database

SPIN Tutorial Videos

More Funding Sources

Note: Please contact OSRP when first initiating the grant application process and submit application materials to OSRP no later than seven full business days prior to the sponsor’s deadline.