Proposal Basics

Each proposal is different but the earlier we receive your documents, the more thoroughly we can review your file and help you!

Sponsored programs are awarded through various mechanisms - grants, contracts, non-teaching consulting services, and cooperative agreements, and/or other legally binding means of transfer.  

Faculty, staff and/or students may be the authors of proposals requesting funding, however the University is the applicant and recipient of support. So, all funding requests for sponsored programs are submitted in the name of the University—not individual faculty and staff members.

Internal Approval:

Because the University accepts responsibility for oversight, compliance management and appropriate conduct of sponsored activities on behalf of the Principal Investigator or Project Director we need a process in place.

To enable this process, the University has implemented controls for compliance and sound management of all sponsored activity, including but not limited to, a centralized, coordinated approach to the review, approval, submission, and management of all sponsored programs. 

Note: If you submit a proposal before receiving all required internal approvals, the University reserves the right to withdraw the proposal or not accept an award if, upon review, the proposal is found to contain terms with which the University cannot comply.

You are welcome - and encouraged - to send sponsor-required documents to us at any time to include with your file. At a minimum, your proposal must include these documents in order to receive internal approvals:

  • funding announcement/guidelines,
  • budget,
  • budget justification, and
  • narrative/scope of work.

These are the required documents that must be uploaded to Cayuse SP in order to initiate the routing of your proposal file.  You can find information about using the system in the  Cayuse SP tab. 

Sponsor Documents:

Please review your funding announcement/RFA/RFP for required elements. These documents may include Biosketches, COA tables, References cited, Equipment, etc. You are welcome - and encouraged - to send sponsor-required documents to us at any time.

Details about proposal preparation are included below and a budget template is available online in the Budget Development page.  

TIP: If you have external collaborators, you’ll need additional time to coordinate and collect documents and you should contact OSRP for support and review the list of required documents (i.e., Subrecipient commitment form).

TIP: The legal applicant is UNC Pembroke, and if a signature is required for your grant proposal, preliminary proposal, or contract, only an authorized representative may provide this.

TIP: Proposals must be approved in Cayuse SP prior to submission to the sponsor.

TIP:  Sometimes sponsors require applicants to submit a preliminary proposal or pre-proposal letter in order to be eligible to apply for a program. Pre-proposals which commit specific University resources such as personnel or space, or which request funding for specific project costs, are official requests for external funding. As such they must receive all required internal approvals—just like a full grant proposal.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss the proposal; let us know what time works for you and we will schedule a WebEx meeting.  You can also call if you have any questions. 

Please send all correspondence to

We look forward to working with you!